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The 979-2 CNC Miter Trim Saw cuts casing for doors and windows at rates up to 25 pieces per minute. It features chip out support below the saw to prevent deflection in thin casing as the saw blades pass through it: this is especially important when cutting MDF or pre-finished casing. The 979-2 can miter side casing with a 90° trim on the bottom, up to 98" long on the short side of the miter. Head casing, mitered on both ends, can be cut as short as 12⅜" measured on the short side. The feed hopper may be easily adjusted to accommodate material up to 4½" wide and up to 1¼" thick.

Our unique clamping system, paired with high quality blades that cut downward into material with precise computer controlled servo movements to eliminate chipout, ensures a level of accuracy, consistency, and speed from cut to cut that is unparalleled in the industry.

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The 979-2 CNC Trim Saw

Key Features

Like all of Kval’s door machinery, the 979-2 is built to last with the highest quality steel and components, ensuring reliability and efficiency for many years to come. We completely control the manufacturing process, from engineering to raw material assembly, enabling a hands-on approach to quality control and a reduction of unforeseen complications caused by outside vendors.

We've equipped the 979-2 with the most precise servo controlled length adjustment system in the industry, just set your custom presets and forget about it, the 979-2 will take care of the rest.
The 979-2 is completely computer controlled, so all customizable presets, options, and even remote updates are right at your fingertips.
Adjustable saw width can accommodate casing material from 12” to 96” in length, with either 90° or 45° cut angles.
Maximize your production output without sacrificing quality: the 979-2 effortlessly cuts 25 pieces per minute.


Saws are inherently dangerous and we take our customer's safety extremely seriously.

We've equipped the 979-2 with a light curtain that uses regenerative braking technology to immediately dissipate power if an object is detected near the saw blades, stopping them in under 2 seconds.

Additionally, the blades automatically stop spinning if material is not made available to cut within 4 seconds. Check out the video demonstration of how the light curtain system works.

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