Spare Parts Box

Reduce production down time, stop lost profits, and eliminate overnight shipping costs by ordering our all new, fully customized Parts Box: a simple solution with big benefits.

How it Works

Give us a call

Your Parts Box is custom built and machine-specific, so you'll need to get in touch with us to get started with yours. New orders receive a 5% discount on all included parts (wearable items, tooling, and low-cost critical components).

We'll ship it

Once ordered we’ll organize, mount, and label the parts inside of your new Parts Box and ship it to you as soon as it's ready. A detailed inventory manifest is included for simple tracking and resupply.

You use it

When your new Parts Box arrives just follow the simple instructions to mount it to your Kval machine’s safety cages: all required hardware is included. That’s it!

Your Parts Box

Each Parts Box is configured differently depending on the machine it is supplying, but a typical box will contain any primary and secondary replacement parts. Here are some common configurations:


Chip-out Blocks

Photo Eyes

Photo Eye Testers

Common Tooling

Misc. Wear Items

Parts Boxes are strong, compact, and secure. Each box comes with 3 keys to limit access as required.

When a supply gets low simply give us a call and we’ll ship you more.

No more overnight charges, no more down time.

Get Yours Today

Our customers have saved more than $3,000 a year on shipping costs alone by implementing a single Kval Parts Box into their production line.
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