888 Rendering

The 888 Edge-Mount Bi-Fold Door Machine is equipped with three stationary automatic screwdrivers that drive four screws into each hinge. Each of the driving heads are equipped with position hinge fixtures that allow the operator to load hinges while one set of hinges is being attached to a pair of doors. After door clamping the operator activates a switch to simultaneously start the drilling of door pivots, hinge positioning, and finally the insertion of four screws to secure the hinges.

Once the cycle is complete the 888 automatically unclamps and feeds the assembled pair of doors out the back of the machine.

For 7 foot high bi-fold doors the hinge spacing does not change: instead the left and right door pivot drills are moved out 2 inches to accommodate the size change. A switch is provided to automatically cycle the screwdriver heads without feeding screws to indent the door stile to serve as a guide for the hinge screws.

Door width is adjustable from 8¾” to 24”, and length is adjustable from 76½” to 84”. Thickness is adjustable from 1⅙” to 1&38;”.

Key Features


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General Specifications
5'W × 13'L
4,500 lbs.
Common Options
Option A
8 Foot Door Capability and 4th Screwdriver Head