990-F3 Rendering

The 990-F3 Door Machine is one of our most popular machines for prehung interior doors. It takes under 55 seconds to machine the door and jamb for three hinges plus lock and attaches the hinges using the powerful Six-Shooter controls. For maximum efficiency and output the 990-F3 is typically used in-line with the Handler Door Feeder, 700-C Frame Assembler, and the 960-3 Strike Jamb Router. Doors wider than 3’ need to be machined either the ON-2 Door Feeder or ON-3 Door Feeder prior to being fed into the 990-F3. The standard 990-F3 is designed to accommodate interior 1⅜” and exterior 1¾” thick doors and jambs.

Hinge size changes can be made between 3½” × 3½” and 4” × 4”, and is easily accomplished without the use of any tools, while vertical adjustment is made with top and bottom turrets that are preset to your specifications prior to shipment. Horizontal size adjustment is made with two ¼” long pins that are removed or installed as needed. Two to three minutes is all that is needed to remove the safety covers, make the hinge size change, and reinstall the safety covers at each head.

We also offer an option to add the ability to switch the hinge size on all three hinge routers simultaneously with one switch on the control panel, reducing change time to less then 5 seconds.

Key Features

Single Operator

A single operator can quickly process each door with the 990-F3’s intuitive controls

Quick-Change Jambs

Jamb sizes can be swapped in under 5 seconds

Remote Support

Connect on-line with our techs directly from the on-board computer for issue diagnosis and troubleshooting


Kval machines can be customized to fit your company's needs and applications
General Specifications
Footprint Size
12' × 9'
5,000 lbs.
Door Specifications
18" (min)   48" (max)
Between 6'6" and 7', depending on hinge specifications
Hinge Specifications
29" (min)   31½" (max) between centers
Corner Radius
5/8" is standard, with 1/4" radius option available (requires router bit change)
Jamb Specifications
3½" (min)   7¼" (max)
Available Options
Option A
Six-Shooter Screw Gun for 3 ½" × 3 ½" Hinges
Option AF
Quick Change for Six & Eight-Shooter Pre-Drill (Options D and K1)
Option AI
Quick Change for Hinge Mortise Depth
Option BC
Ball Catch Drills
Option C
Pushbutton Selection for Two Face Bore Backsets
Option D
Pre-Drill System for Six-Shooter
Option K
Eight-Shooter Screw Gun for 4" × 4" Hinge
Option K1
Pre-Drill System for Eight-Shooter
Option R1
Push Button Quick Change for 0 or 3-degree Hinge Routing
Option S
Lock Bore Dual Stop for 6'8" and 7'0" doors
Option Z
Screw-Changing Hopper For Six Shooter