Architect DI Rendering

The Architect DI Door Machine automatically positions, routes, and bores architectural doors for hinges and locks in just 45 seconds door-to-door. The cycle-time includes drilling hinge screw holes, hinge corner squaring, and lever lock screw holes with the optional drill cartridge system. Anti-static air blow-off bars at the end of machine remove fine dust as the door exits.

The on-board Beckhoff computer control system and twenty servo drives are fully integrated into the Architect DI’s functions to vastly reduce setup time and help eliminate errors.

The Kval software depicts an image of a door with lock and hinges. Pre-programmed door files, or recipes, can be loaded by simply tapping on the recipe filename from the interface’s door profile selection menu. A graphical representation of the door allows the operator to preview the profile before cutting. Changes to the hand, number of hinges and locks, and a list of parameters is available on the right side of the touch interface for each profile.

With a shipping weight of over 6000 lbs. the current generation of Architect DI is the most massive and rugged Architect series machine we have built. Accuracy and durability are assured with frame components that include parallel ⅜” × 4” × 12” steel tubes mounted on edge to support the routing mechanisms. All five routers and four pre-drill motors for hinge screws are Colombo three Phase high-frequency units mounted on precision ball rail and shaft slides. The computer controlled adjustments are made by large diameter precision ball screws and servo drives. Lock boring motors are rated at 5 hp for the face hole and 3 hp for the latch bore. The Architect DI is optimized for three shifts a day, seven days a week service with minimal downtime for lubrication and tool changes.

Key Features

Precision Performance

Advanced on-board computer systems controlled by the Kval Touchscreen software and powered by Beckhoff hardware ensure the most accurate, flexible, and fastest door routing in the industry

Easy to Use

The powerful onboard computer control software is intuive and easy to learn: no special classes or off-site training is required

Training Included

After initial machine setup a Kval Technician will train your operators to run and perform general maintenance on your Architect DI


Kval machines can be customized to fit your company's needs and applications
General Specifications
Machine Footprint
16'L × 8'W
Machine Weight
6,000 lbs.
Electrical Cabinet Footprint
5'L × 2'W
Door Specifications
18" to 48”
120” (maximum)
1¼" to 2¼”
Hinge Bevel
0 to 3 degrees
Common Options
Option FC
Face Plate Corner Square Chisels
Option A
Lever Lock Drill Attachment
Option A2
Lever Lock Gearbox - Yale 8071 Series
Option A3
Lever Lock Gearbox - Schlage D-792 Series
Option A4
Lever Lock Gearbox - Corbin-Russwin 8VG-304 Series
Option A5
Lever Lock Gearbox - Best 093-K Series
Option G
Reverse Feed