DP-1 Rendering

The DP-1 Deep Drill Door Machine performs flush bolt machining in doors, drilling up to 36” deep with a 21/32” diameter bit. The DP-1 ships with two CT-1 caster tables included.

Here’s how it works: a door is rolled into position against adjustable stops and a neoprene seal surrounding the cutting tool. A foot pedal activates the pneumatic clamping system to secure the door. During the manual drilling operation air is forced into the hole to flush chips through the hollow cutter shank, hollow arbor, and finally into a collection system. The cutting tool is specially designed to compensate for and prevent wandering caused by grain variations or different stile and core materials.

The drill itself is mounted on two 1½” diameter chrome shafts for rigidity; it is belt driven by 1 HP 3 Phase motor.

Key Features


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General Specifications
4' × 8'
84"L × 40"W × 48"H
1,150 lbs.
CFM Requirements
20 CFM
Common Options
Option B
Extra Drill Bit
Option F
Dust Collection System (includes one 2HP 3PH 220/440v vacuum unit)