Machine Description

The 979 Miter Saw was designed to cut doorstops and casing including brick mould at a rate of up to 40 pieces a minute. Out hopper feed system accommodates most casing profiles up to 3-1/2” wide and lengths from 12” to 98”. Saw motors are 3 HP, 3450 RPM, 3 phase units, and arbors are 3/4” with 10” blades. Pieces are fed from the hopper by a reciprocating dog system. The feed dog arms on each carriage are splined together to guarantee parallel indexing of work pieces underneath the saw blade.

This machine is equipped with a touch screen that replaces many of the mechanical switches for the machine functions. The screen also includes the capability to view the status of the various photo eyes and switches for quick diagnosis when needed, without having to open the electrical panel or for the operator to leave his work station. The touch screen logic also includes managment functions such as daily and lifetime totals.

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  • 979 (SN01-49-076)