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The 990-F3 door pre-hanging system is one of our most popular Interior Door Pre-hanging systems. It is designed to accommodate interior doors and jambs 1-3/8” thick and exterior doors and jambs 1-3/4” thick. Hinge size changes between 3-1/2”x3-1/2” and 4”x4” are easily done without the use of any tools. The vertical adjustment is made with top and bottom turrets that are preset to customer’s specifications. The horizontal size adjustment is made with two 1/4” long pins that are either removed or installed as needed. Two to three minutes are all that are needed to remove the safety covers, make the hinge size change, and reinstall the safety covers at each head.The typical cycle time to machine the door and jamb for three hinges and lock, and attach three hinges is 40 to 55 seconds. It is a perfect fit with our Handler Door Feeder and 700-C Assembly Table.

The Handler is designed to lift flush or panel doors off of a stack and to automatically feed them to the next machine. The door is lifted and held by air pressure clamps from both edges of the door, then moved automatically on an track system over the powered roll table. Door is then lowered onto a powered roll table, which will move it to the adjacent machine on demand.

The 700-C Frame Assembly Machine is generally used in-line with the Commander or 990 Series of machines. The operation includes placing the strike jamb and header into the machine and clamping into place. The door, with hinge jamb installed, is then moved into position, gently lowered into place, and then securely clamped into position. A foot pedal activates the staple guns, which move vertically to attach the jambs to the header. The door is then raised and rolled out of the machine to the next station to the packaging station.

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Leesburg, FL
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Chuck Shoop
PM Work
Performed Jan. 2018: replaced drive belts and gripper heads
PM Work
Performed Jan. 2018: replaced bearings on all heads, installed new cylinder stacks on heads, rebuilt screw receiver block on 6-shooter, rebuilt cylinders on 6-shooter, realigned upper carriage for 6-shooter, adjusted feed belts
6-Shooter Hinge Applicator
6-Shooter Gear Box
Auto Width Adjust
Split Jamb Stapler
Door Blow-off System
PM Work
Performed Jan. 2018: replaced all worn/broken components, replaced bearings, replaced all covers
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  • Included Machines
  • Handler (SN95-20-017)
  • 990-F3 (SN95-12-065)
  • 700-C (SN95-46-070)