Kval Inc.
What Makes Kval the Industry Leader in Interior, Exterior, and Commercial Door Machinery?
Long-Lasting, High-Quality Machinery
  • We own every step of our machinery manufacturing process—from machining precision parts and welding the frames to electrical wiring, PLC setup, software development, and final application of our high-quality signature green frame coating—all at our production HQ in Petaluma, CA.
  • We start with the fundamentals: our machine frames are heavy-duty and specifically engineered to limit vibration and flexing—improving product output quality and increasing the life of the machine.
  • Our solid supports and clamps prevent unwanted material movement and flexure during operation, ensuring the most accurate and precise machining possible.
  • We prioritize high-quality components: from rack and pinion, ball screw, and belt components, to precision and long-lasting bearings.
  • The motors and drives we use are sized to handle the heaviest load conditions and to provide reliable and consistent quality machining.
Cutting Edge Technology
  • We incorporate dual CNC routers (right-hand and left-hand) for machining hinges and other open hardware, which guarantees the highest quality cuts and eliminates chip-out.
  • CNC-controlled hardware for the most precise and clean squared hinges and faceplates in the industry.
  • Our commercial and CNC prehung machines measure the door with encoders and automatically adjust hardware and software configuration to accommodate user-provided hinge and door specifications.
  • Our patented 6-Shooter and 8-Shooter technology provide the most reliable hinge application in the industry.
  • Our quick dump screw change system and newly patented RTSH rotary turret screw change system are the fastest and most reliable way to change screw colors.
  • Our intuitive and patented KvalCAM® machine-controlled software gives customers complete control and the creation of hardware templates and door files into the hands of our customers, all without having to write a single line of G-Code. KvalCAM can run offline, or be synced with other machines referencing a centralized database—and provides in-depth diagnostics to help operators troubleshoot issues without requiring third-party support.
Superior Safety Standards
  • All motorized equipment is fenced in with interlocked gates.
  • Feeders and moving heads have safety light curtains and/or safety laser systems. The machines will automatically E-Stop if an object enters designated safety zones while the machine is running.
  • All tooling spindle motors have drive controls to prevent free-spinning after each machine cycle.
  • We prioritize high-quality components: from rack and pinion, ball screw, and belt components, to precision and long-lasting bearings.
  • Dual hand controls are used in areas with pneumatic clamping and/or staple guns.
Knowledgeable Parts & Service Departments
  • One-stop shop for all machinery replacement parts—we keep thousands of products in stock at our headquarters in Petaluma, CA. And, we offer same-day shipping when parts are in stock and when orders are placed by 2 pm PST.
  • Easy 24/7 ordering through our online parts store —machine customers can note a PO, receive an invoice, and set up an auto-ship order for simple monthly reordering.
  • Safety add-ons, machinery upgrades, and preventative maintenance recommendations to keep your machine running optimally year after year.
  • Remote phone and on-site technical and emergency support, as well as preventative maintenance, training, and evaluation at your facility. And, we have a large team of traveling service technicians to optimize performance and increase longevity on Kval machinery.
  • All machines with a computer and PLC can be securely internet-connected for remote troubleshooting.
Kval Inc: Your Preferred Business Partner
Family-owned and operated for more than 75 years by 4 generations of the Kvalheim family, our focus has always been to provide superior products and customer service.
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