Pre-Hanging System
Process both Interior and Exterior doors with one of the most advanced CNC door machines ever built: combined with our full line of pre-hanging solutions the 994-X will take your production to the next level.


The 994-X utilizes four computer controlled routing heads to reach new levels of performance. Combined with the innovative Six-Shooter hinge applicator the 994-X offers unprecedented flexibility and ease of use.

The complete 994-X Pre-Hanging line is comprised of the ON-3, 558, 994-X, and 700-C.

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The 994-X

The Future is Here, and it’s Fast

The 994-X Machining Center revolutionizes the way door manufacturers and distributors process and deliver high quality products to residential markets across the globe. Processing both Interior and Exterior doors on a single machine is now possible with virtually no changeover time: it’s as fast and simple as the press of a button.

The 994-X processes doors between 6’6” and 8’0”, with hinge varying radiuses of 1/4”, 5/8” to Square with virtually no cycle time penalty. Switching between beveled and non-beveled door processing modes requires no changeover time or manual adjustments.

Typical cycle time is between 45 and 50 seconds.

Cutting Edge Technology

The 994-X utilizes state-of-the-art components and computing to deliver lightning fast performance:


  • Hi-Frequency Routers increase hinge-pocket quality by maintaining high speeds as they mortise, minimizing tool flex and over-travel
  • Counter-Rotating Routers eradicate the need for chip-out blocks, thus eliminating the need for manual adjustment during hinge-size changes
  • Point-to-point Pre-drill Routers replace air operated systems and allow the rapid modification of pre-drill patterns while fully complying with OSHA mandated decibel levels
  • Auto-Chisels provide perfectly square hinges without the need of tools or manual adjustments, only adding 1-2 seconds to cycle time


  • Kval has partnered with the Beckhoff Automation Group to bring bleeding-edge motion control technology and hardware to residential CNC door machinery
  • Kval’s highly skilled, forward thinking internal software development team has pioneered some of the most exciting and revolutionary technological advancements the industry has ever seen

Elevate Your Production

The 994-X is the perfect fit for door manufacturers and distributors who require substantial capacity and exceptional flexibility, especially those who:

  • Batch entire-home orders together to increase efficiency & eliminate order fulfillment mistakes
  • Require 350+ doors of different lengths, widths, and thicknesses per 8-hour shift
  • Require the ability to process interior and exterior doors on a single machine line
  • Perform multiple hinge size changes each week
  • Require the ability to change pre-drill patterns or depth on-the-fly
  • Require the ability to change hinge size or mortise depth on-the-fly

Ready to elevate your production?

The Kval Advantage

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