994-X Rendering

The 994-X Prehung Door Machine is designed to machine and attach hinges for both interior and exterior doors and jambs, and accommodates 1⅜” and 1¾” doors with a minimum width of 18” and a maximum width of 42”. It will easily machine 6’8” or 8’0” long doors.

The 994-X is set up to shift the hinge routing assemblies for either 6’8” door or 8’0” doors (7’0” doors can be accommodated by adding Option W). A single selection on the control panel simultaneously shifts hinge routing heads to match correct hinge mortise locations and the lock machining head. When the position change is complete the operator feeds the next door through. Each of the four hinge router assemblies is equipped with 3-axis servo controls that are programmed for the correct hinge mortising specifications. 3-phase high frequency TEFC motors are used for the hinge mortising and the screw pilot hole drilling. The single screw pilot hole drill is programmed to drill the correct screw hole pattern for each hinge size and automatically shifts the drill pattern based on the hinge specification.

Hinge routing sections are completely servo controlled for pocket height, width and depth. Each hinge routing head is equipped with two 1½ HP High Frequency spindle motors, one for routing the hinge pocket and one for drilling the correct screw pilot hole pattern into the door and jamb. The precise servo motors enable the hinge router to accelerate and decelerate into hinge corners without over travel.

Key Features

Servo Controlled

The 994-X router heads are controlled by the advanced Beckhoff CNC system, allowing for unparalleled flexibility, versatility, and speed

Touchscreen Interface

The 994-X’s presets, functions, and diagnostics are accessible through the easy to use built in touchscreen


For fast and effortless square hinge processing

Counter Rotating Routers

Eliminate the need for chip-out blocks while maintaining the quality of the pocket and door face

High Frequency Routers

All configurations of the 994-X come with high frequency routers that increase cutout quality, drastically reduce noise, and maximize the life of the machine

Remote Support

Connect on-line with our techs directly from the on-board computer for issue diagnosis and troubleshooting


Kval machines can be customized to fit your company's needs and applications
General Information
Cycle Time
Approximately 51 seconds door-to-door
Available Options
Option A
Six-Shooter Screw Gun for 3½" × 3½" Hinge
Option K
Eight-Shooter Screw Gun for 4" × 4" Hinge
Option ND1
Narrow Door Mode for 1'0" Doors
Option R1
0 & 3-Degree Hinge Routing
Option S
Spring Load Hinge Adapter
Option W
Hinge Stops for 6'8", 7'0" & 8'0" Doors