DL-NCD Rendering

The DL-NCD is a Numerically-Controlled Door Light Cut-Out Machine equipped with AC servo control for all three axes of cutting, “X” (Length of the door), “Y” (width of the door), and “Z” (Depth into the face of the door). The “Z” axis servo control makes it simple to program for security locks where the face bore is machined to a precise depth and also allows the operator to reduce the plunge speed to minimize tearout in the bottom face when machining small diameter holes. When the DL-NCD is used as a drill, deburring on the bottom face may be required.

The machine is equipped with an automatic feed and width adjust system to automatically receive doors, position the door against the stop, clamp the door and start the machining sequence if the instructions have been downloaded. Length of door is measured via encoder to automatically enter length of unit for correct cut-out location.

The DL-NCD can process doors that vary in height from 66” to 96”, 12” to 42” in width and 1-3/4” in thickness. Minimum distance from edge of cutout to edge of door is 1-1/4” on both sides.

The 10hp direct drive high frequency spindle motor for cutting the door is equipped with an automatic tool changer and access to eight (8) additional tool holders placed in a fixture along the fixed side of the machine. Programs can call for an automatic tool change and RPM adjustment for wood, fiberglass or steel doors.

Individual door light patterns are created at the machine console, remotely using a standard PC and KvalCAM software (included), or imported via API/.cad import tool. The DL-NCD includes an industrial PC with a standard Ethernet connection for file transfer and library backup, as well as internet support and updates from Kval.

KvalCAM on the DL-NCD allows customers to create square and rectangular template files by simply creating the geometric shape at touch screen or on remote desktop and then saving to library or downloading direct to “que”. For more difficult shapes, such as ovals, KvalCAM allows operator to import .cad or .dxf files directly which in turn auto-generates the template. The machine will then reference all queued templates to automatically generate the gcode necessary for processing.

All DL-NCD installations require that the integrated PC computer has access to broadband internet for real-time diagnostics and firmware updates. On-board diagnostic programs allow the user to determine the source of operating errors and failures, even after they have occurred.

Key Features

Computer Controlled

The onboard Kval control software is easy to use and always connected: on-demand support and optimizations can be delivered rapidly

True Versatility

The DL-NCD can hold up to eight different tools, enabling a wide variety of door cutting options and optimizing production time

Remote Support

Connect on-line with our techs directly from the on-board computer for issue diagnosis and troubleshooting


Kval machines can be customized to fit your company's needs and applications
Common Options
Option A
Door Clean-off with Air Nozzles add dual manifolds with air nozzles are mounted at out-feed end of DL-NCD to blow of face of the door as it exits
Option B
Left & Right Hand Door Processing for 990-F4 adds additional door reference stop to position lock holes and door lights from the door top for left hand or right hand doors
Option C
CNC Lock Edge Motor with CNC controls for machining face plates and lock bores
Option R
Adds non-standard brackets, eye location adjustments and programming adjustments to alter feed accommodating a Right-to-Left door feed-through.
Option 4'0 x 9'0"
This option increases max door width from 42" to 48", and length from 96" to 108". This is accomplished via a secondary Pinion Gear and Rack with Precision Gear-Head as well as a secondary X-axis servo motor/drive for gantry movement. This option also incr