965X CNC Jamb & Frame Machine

The 965X allows customers to easily program and machine all of their door frame needs with a single compact machine: hinge and strike jambs, headers, mullions, astragals and more. The 965X is powered by KvalCAM®, which allows rapid programming of hinges, T-strikes, 3-point locks, ball catches, dados, angled sill cuts, pilot holes, and cut-to-length on both jamb ends.
The 965X CNC Trim Saw
Key Features

Unique design includes right hand and left hand routers to eliminate chip out.
Four 90-degree chisels are used for precise corner squaring on hinges and face plates.
Ten clamping fixtures that clamp upwards without flexing the jamb.
Jamb thickness and material variations are not a concern.
Adaptable fixtures to hold mullions and astragals.
CNC pilot hole programming & Beckhoff™ Controls
Capabilities & Specifications

Jamb Max Height (machine in one cycle)101"
Jamb Max Height (may take two cycles)123"
Jamb (Mullion) Thickness Max212"
Jamb Width134" to 914"
Chisel Depth516"
Jamb Cut Down Limits101" L, 812" W, 138" H
CNC Precision of All Special Jamb Machining

Any radius, or squared
Face Plates
Including commercial squared corners
Ball Catch
3-Point Locks
Cut Down
Angled Sill Cuts
The Kval Advantage
Like all of Kval’s door machinery, the 965X is built to last with the highest quality steel and components, ensuring reliability and efficiency for many years to come. We completely control the manufacturing process, from engineering to raw material assembly, enabling a hands-on approach to quality control and a reduction of unforeseen complications caused by outside vendors.
KvalCAM, The Ultimate Platform

The 965X is programmed and controlled by our patented KvalCAM software. Hardware machining programs and ready to run jamb files are easily created either with the machine’s included console or from a network-connected computer. No G-code knowledge or experience is needed, making it easy to program for new and unique jamb hardware. Complex hardware templates including dados, hidden hinges, and angled jamb cuts are easy to create. Jobs can be queued up and selected by either the operator or a bar-code scanning process. All machine control, calibration, and tool management is done within KvalCAM. Tooling diameters can be changed and KvalCAM will still auto-generate the correct machining programs without having to alter source template files.
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