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Thank you for your interest in our rugged and dependable products, we strive to produce the most advanced and reliable machinery in the industry: many of our machines are still running after 35 years of service.

With our normal maintenance plan you too should receive trouble-free service for many years to come.

Service Technician Visit

Included in the majority of our machine packages is a KVAL Service Technician visit to finalize the installation of your new machines.

Our technician(s) will:

Getting Ready for the Kval technicians Visit

Prior to the arrival of our Service Technician please ensure the following is accomplished:

We highly recommend having a plumber and electrician on-site to assist the our technicians. They should be available until the last machine connection has been completed and the rotation and operation of all machines have been checked and verified.
We strongly urge the use of whole-building surge protection, followed by the use of Knife Style Disconnects for each machine.

Have a question?

If you or your outside contractor have any questions regarding the location of air and/or electrical drops please call our Sales and Service Department at 800-553-5825, we are glad to offer advice and provide any necessary information.

Machinery Setup Assistance

Some of our customers are too busy with the daily demands and operations of their business to take on the job of un-crating the machines, moving them into place, running required lines to the terminals, and anything else required for the setup of new equipment.

These customers can take advantage of our Setup Assistance Program: our Service Technicians will perform comprehensive setup tasks with your production crew or contractor at our reduced rate of $95/hour.

This rate applies to un-crating and positioning your machinery as well as working with your technicians to provide air and electrical services.

Since these tasks generally require an extra day of work with the help of a forklift driver and an assistant, provided by you, we work diligently to hold costs to a minimum. For scheduling purposes we require an assistance request prior to shipping.

For more information about the program please contact our Sales and Service Department at 800-553-2825 or send us an email.

Dust Collection Systems

If you have purchased a Dust Collection systemwith your machinery please note that KVAL works with a third party Dust Collection provider.

The Dust Collection System is engineered to your machinery purchase, however due to the uniqueness of each installation the Dust Collection System package does not include any of the blowpiping or installation by our technicians. We will provide you with a bill of materials to make ordering required materials as simple as possible.

We highly recommend you hire a professional local company that installs "blowpipe." In some cases they will need a high-lift to reach the ceiling and material to span ceiling braces to drop the wires that hold the blowpipe up in the air.

Training Supplies

Finally, the best way to verify the operation of the machinery and train operators is to run production while our technician is there.

If possible, please have plenty of material available to work with and allow adequate time in your schedule for operator training. It may take some time for your operators to get used to a new machine; please schedule their workloads accordingly.

In the case that there is not adequate material for the Kval technicians we will need to reschedule for a later date to come back. Unfortunately, in the event of a reschedule, second round travel expenses will apply.

Daily Agenda

Before starting installation please verify all contract obligations are complete: e.g., air hookups and electrical drops. Contact our service office with any questions.

Day 1

  • Erect machinery
  • Put electrical boxes in place so electricians can drop power and air drops
  • Level all machines using pads
  • Complete machinery unpacking if necessary (shipping collars, etc.)

Day 2

  • Align and level machinery
  • Erect and safety cages
  • Run doors and anchor down cages (machinery dependent)
  • Complete power and air hookups
  • Check rotation while company electricians are present
  • Run full door to verify functionality
  • Operator training, running doors, documentation overview
  • Anchor machines

Day 3

  • Continue training and running doors
  • Fine-tune calibration
  • Control switch and touch-screen training
  • Six-light training
  • Online parts order overview

Day 4

  • Continue running doors
  • Overview of the Electrical Boxes, VFD Boxes, and Node Boxes. (Electrical and PLC lines)

Day 5

  • Ensure all operators are comfortable and capable running the machines
  • Any final adjustments are made
  • Any final training is completed
  • Address any questions that operators may have