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DL-2 1 in stock

The DL-2 Door Light Cut-Out Machine produces rectangular, curved, and multi-light cut-outs in wood or metal doors up to 16 gauge. Face boring is standard with a built-in steel template adjustable for backsets from 2-3/8” to 2-3/4”. It has a 6 HP motor.

This DL-2 was originally manufactured in 1986, then was rebuilt and upgraded in 1999.

Auto Rotate Table 1 in stock

The Powered Auto Rotate Table is equipped with controls to automatically rotate all doors to be machined as left hand doors, and the capability to rotate every other door to the left hand door position for the machining and assembly of double door units.

It uses powered feed rolls to automatically feed the door to the next machine when it is—see listing details for more.

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