Most of the used machinery listed on this page is bought and sold by Kval customers: we do not broker the sale of this equipment. However our Service Department is happy to provide machinery information, assist with shipments, and provide installation support as needed.


These machines are currently running as a line at Direct Door of Colorado and can be purchased from the seller as individual machines if required.

Starting asking prices are as follows:

  • EDGE * (1993): $45,000
  • FACE (2000): $70,000
  • DP-1 (1991): $6,000

* The Edge’s components have surpassed the life of Kval supportability. Replacement of electrical components and support will need to be performed by a 3rd—see listing details for more.

ON-3 Stacker

This ON-3 is currently in Stacker configuration (originally Feeder)

The ON-3 in stacker configuration lifts flush or panel doors off of a roll table and places them on a door stack. Lifting capacity is 200 lbs. Door is received from the machinery line, lifted and held by air pressure clamps and cylinders from both ends of the door, or by vacuum—see listing details for more.

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