960-3 Rendering

The 960-3 Automatic Strike Jamb Router is a high quality strike jamb router that can machine up to 4 jambs per minute with an open lip strike routing pattern. The 960-3 features a fully automatic machine cycle that includes clamp-up and ejection onto jamb support for quick reloading. With an additional Option both the main lock strike and deadbolt strike can be routed in one cycle with open or closed lip strikes selectable from the control panel.

Router movements are fully automatic. The router moves in a rectangular pattern for the faceplate and then moves in to route for the latch bore in one cycle. Flat jambs with stop, single or double rabbeted exterior jambs, and split jambs, can be processed. Jambs are placed against either a right-hand or left-hand indexing stop and are clamped firmly into position at the touch of a foot pedal. Standard set-up is for open lip routing.

Key Features


Kval machines can be customized to fit your company's needs and applications
General Specifications
3' × 10'
800 lbs.
Common Options
Option A
Split Jamb Stapler with Side Clamp
Option DH
Additional Mechanisms and Machine Logic
Option F
Extra Jamb Index Stops
Option Z
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