960-3 Rendering

The 960-3 Automatic Strike Jamb Router with a fast operator can machine up to 5 jambs per minute with a full lip strike routing pattern. This door machine features a fully automatic cycle from clamp-up to ejection. It is equipped with a 3¼ HP 120 volt router. Many customers get addon options for pushbutton changeover to T-strike routing pattern and end drilling units for sills or head jamb screws.

Router movements are fully automatic using a rectangular pattern for the faceplate before moving in to route the deeper latch hole. Both flat jambs with stop as well as split jambs can be accommodated.

Key Features


Kval machines can be customized to fit your company's needs and applications
General Specifications
3' × 10'
800 lbs.
Common Options
Option A
Split Jamb Stapler with Side Clamp
Option D
Additional Mechanisms and Machine Logic
Option E
T-Strike Routing
Option F
Extra Jamb Index Stops
Option H
Commercial Package
Option Z
Export Packaging
Option O
High-Frequency Router