SL-1 Rendering

The SL-1 Straight Lift Door Machine is designed to lift doors and smooth materials for re-stacking or to move them to other processing equipment. With a lift capacity of 200 lbs. and vertical travel of 55” the SL-1 is a versatile material management solution for a single operator. Simple thumb-operated controls turn the vacuum on or off and control the height of the lift cylinder, the handle telescopes in and out 14” for wide or narrow doors and is controlled by simple a wing lever. The SL-1 is entirely air operated and requires no electricity.

Key Features

Air Operated

The SL-1 is entirely air operated and doesn’t require any electricity


Kval machines can be customized to fit your company's needs and applications
General Specifications
75"L x 32"W x 24"H
190 lbs.
Air Requirements
Minimum 90 PSI and 12 CFM
Common Options
Option S
Modification for Special Ceiling Height