As one of our valued customers we thank you for your business and continued support—because of your trust in Kval equipment we are now operating in our 75th year of business!

We pride ourselves on pushing technological advances and addressing growth in an ever-changing market. As the complexity of our equipment grows with the needs of our customers, providing excellent service and developing support resources has become a main focal point of our company's vision. In order to meet the demands of this goal we are making changes to our support policies, detailed below.

Field Service

Effective Immediately

These rates apply to field service (tasks that are performed at or on the way to your plant).

Task Description Hourly Rate
Travel $67.50
Machine service $135.00
Technician overtime $195.00
Used machine install & setup $195.00
Programming $200.00
Weekends: 45% surcharge on top of standard rates.
Includes labor for one support tech at our facility.

Phone Support

Effective January 1, 2020

Over the past several years we have heavily invested in the development of new systems to improve phone support, issue management, and service tracking. We allocate substantial resources to the production of DIY tutorials and troubleshooting videos as well as model specific documentation; all of which are available right here on our website. Want to see an additional resource created? Just send us an email detailing your idea!

Historically we have provided free phone support for all machines, regardless of equipment age, warranty, or original purchase status. However due to the growing costs associated with this level of support combined with the size of our customer base—and taking into account the availability of self-help tutorials and documentation—we will no longer provide free phone support longer than 15 minutes for out of warranty machines.

Task Description Hourly Rate
Machines 5 years old or newer $0.00 (Free)
All other customers: first 15 minutes of call (per issue/day) $0.00 (Free)
Pre-purchased block of support time (5 hour min.) $100.00
Invoiced on-demand by Service Department $120.00
Door-lite template creation $150.00

Phone Support F.A.Q.

Thank you for your business, we are proud to be entrusted with your machinery needs.

The Kval Service Team