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Machine Description

Our 700-C Frame Assembly Machine is generally used in-line with the Commander 3 or 990 Series of machines.

The operation includes placing the strike jamb and header into the machine and clamping into place. The door, with hinge jamb installed, is then moved into position, gently lowered into place, and then securely clamped into position. Two-Hand control Palm Buttons activate the clamping sequence and vertically move staple guns into position to attach the jambs to the header. Activating staple gun “fire” sequence is initiated with one palm button and the “fire guns” push-button on the control panel on machine. The door is then raised and rolled out of the machine to the next station to the packaging station.

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Jamb Width Auto Selector
Enables easy switching for jamb widths between 4-9/16", 5-1/4", and 6-9/16"
8'0" Door Frame Capacity
Allows operator to quickly adjust end clamps from 6'8" to 7'0" or 8'0" doors. Quick changeover time of approximately one minute required.
End Clamp Spacers
For use on 6’6” doors. Jamb spacer blocks connect to the end clamp pads. Four spacers required.
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  • 700-C (SN06-46-342)
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