700-DC Rendering

The 700-DC Frame Assembly Door Machine is an easy-to-use, fast, and lightweight door framer. Like the 700-C operator controls are intuitive and straightforward: all primary functions are initiated by pressing a single foot pedal. The 700-DC’s pop-up supports will accommodate any door sill that does not extend past the interior frame.

Key Features

Single Operator

Operating the 700-DC is simple and efficient. Controls can be placed on both sides of the machine for even more flexibility


Kval machines can be customized to fit your company's needs and applications
Available Staple Guns
750S5-1 (7/16" Crown) and 750S4-1 (1/2" Crown)
Duo Fast
KS 7648 or MS 7664
PA 200 S-16
MA-080-T (T-Nailer)
Power Line
K or M-11
Spot Nail
General Specifications
Footprint Size
6' × 10'
Crated Dimensions
120"L × 80"W × 53"H
Shipping Weight
1,200 lbs.
Common Options
Option D1
6'6"-8'0" Moving Head End
Option E
8⅜" Wide Jamb Capacity
Option OS
Out-swing Door Sill