Acro Rendering

The Acro Metal Door Light Insert Door Machine is similar to our Acrobat but without jamb supports or tilt-down features. A light rests on a pop-up table and a door is rolled into position. Pressing the Acro’s foot pedal begins the sequence to insert the light where it can be fastened with either a hand-held tool or by a screw gun. The door is then elevated and rotated 180 degrees to prepare for assembly and brick molding. The Acro accommodates doors from 6’8”-8’ in height and up to 3’ wide.

Key Features


Kval machines can be customized to fit your company's needs and applications
Door Specifications
6'8" - 8'0"
2'6" - 3'0"
Maximum Weight
100 lbs.
General Specifications
10'7" × 2'8"
10'7"L × 2'8"W × 3'2"H
2,000 lbs.
Common Options
Option B
Outswing Door Support
Option E
Drop-In Rolls
Option F
Adjustable Sill Corner Supports and End Clamps
Option F1
Ability to Accommodate 6'6" Long Doors
Option H
Width-Adjust Wheels
Option I
Jamb Support Arms