Acro Rendering

The Acro Exterior Door Light Insert Machine is similar to the standard Acrobat, but without jamb supports or the tilt-down feature. A light rests on a pop-up table and the door rolls into position above the table. Simply pressing a foot pedal inserts the light for fastening with a hand-held screw gun or a highly recommended self-feeding screw gun.

To orient the in-swings exterior face up for assembly and brick mold, the door is then gripped by the ends, elevated, rotated 180 degrees and then lowered back to the wheels. The Acro will accommodate doors from 6’8” to 8’ in height and doors up to 3’ wide.

Key Features


Kval machines can be customized to fit your company's needs and applications
Door Specifications
6'8" - 8'0"
2'6" - 3'0"
Maximum Weight
100 lbs.
General Specifications
10'7" × 2'8"
10'7"L × 2'8"W × 3'2"H
2,000 lbs.
Common Options
Option B
Outswing Door Support
Option E
Drop-In Rolls
Option F
Adjustable Sill Corner Supports and End Clamps
Option F1
Ability to Accommodate 6'6" Long Doors
Option H
Width-Adjust Wheels
Option I
Jamb Support Arms