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Acrobat Rendering

The Acrobat Exterior Door Pre-Hanging Machine is an innovative machine designed for inserting door lights into metal or fiberglass doors and for attaching brick moulding and assembling door frame. Its design eliminates manual lifting of doors during the assembly process.

Doors are rolled into the machine on non-marking wheels. Lights are inserted from the bottom up simply by depressing a foot switch. The door is then raised to spin over in order to assemble the door frame and attach exterior casing. The assembled door unit is then rolled onto the tilt arm and raised to a vertical position for easy off-loading.

Pneumatic hand tools can be attached to air supplies underneath the light table. Acro Bins, surrounding the under-edges of the Acrobat, conveniently hold hardware and supplies.

Key Features

Optional Light Insert

The Acrobat can be purchased with or without door light insert

Heavy Duty Upgrade

We ship an upgraded version of the Acrobat to handle high impact and heavy custom doors


Kval machines can be customized to fit your company's needs and applications
General Specifications
Footprint Size
19'1" × 3'10"
Door Specifications
2'6" to 3'0"
6'8" to 8'0"
100 lbs.
Common Options
Option A
Adjustable Sill Corner Supports and End Clamps for 6’8” and 8’0" doors
Option B
Outswing Door Support
Option G
39” Non-Powered In-Feed Roll
Option H
Width Adjust Wheels: Allow for 28½" wide raised moulding.