Handler Rendering

The Handler Door Feeder Door Machine accommodates flush or panel doors up to 3’0” × 8’0” with a maximum weight of 125 lbs., lifting them from a stack (maximum 7’ high) and automatically feeding them to the next machine.

Doors are lifted and held in place by air pressure clamps from both edges of the door, then moved automatically on a track system over the powered roll table, and finally lowered to be processed by the next machine in the line. Cycle time is 40 seconds.

A variable speed drive is installed, with controls, to match the feed speed of the 558 Door Sizer, depending on customer requirements.

Key Features

Manual Feed-Through

This upgrade allows for manually inserting doors to resolve picking errors and to replace damaged doors.


Kval machines can be customized to fit your company's needs and applications
General Specifications
8' × 10'
2,000 lbs.
120" from floor to top of horizontal tube
Common Options
Option A
Reverse Stack, places door stack on the operator side of a Commander or F-Series machine
Option B
Reverse Feed Direction
Option H
Remote Switch for Manual Feed-Through
Option H1
Remote Foot Switch for Manual Call
Option L
Raised Molding Capability
Option S
Short Boom Version