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ON-3 Rendering

The ON-3 Door Machine in Feeder configuration automatically lifts individual doors from stacks up to 7’ high and places them onto a powered roll table where they are fed to the next machine either manually with a “Call Door” switch, or automatically when the next machine in the line is ready. Cycle time is approximately 20 seconds.

In Feeder configuration the ON-3 accommodates doors up to 4’ × 8’. The door is clamped on the top and bottom rails by air cylinders. The clamp system will lift doors that vary in height from 6’6” to 8’0” with no need for adjustment. Doors can be between 1⅜” and 2¼” thick with a maximum weight of 175 lbs. Wire guards are attached to the machine’s frame on three sides with a slot opening to allow the door to be fed to the next machine.

The standard ON-3 Feeder is designed to work with door stacks centered in width on top of each other. If a fixed edge stile is required, and doors will be more than 3’0” wide, Option AD is required with Joulin vacuum lifting system.

The ON-3 in Stacker configuration lifts flush or panel doors off of a roll table and places them on a door stack. Lifting capacity is 200 lbs. Door is received from the machinery line, lifted and held by air pressure clamps and cylinders from both ends of the door, or by vacuum cups, then moved automatically on an overhead track system to be lowered onto a stack of doors. Cycle time is 20 seconds.

It will automatically find the level of the door stack during off-feed operation and accommodates stacks of 50 with door dimensions up to 48” × 8’ and 1¾” thick.

Key Features

Multi-Function Platform

The ON-3 can be ordered in either Feeder or Stacker configuration

Architectural Door Processing

The ON-3 can be upgraded to process Architectural doors with Option AD, which increases door capacity and upgrades the lift system

Manual Feed-Through

This upgrade allows for manually inserting doors to resolve picking errors and to replace damaged doors.


Kval machines can be customized to fit your company's needs and applications
General Specifications
13' × 10'
2,300 lbs.
Minimum Ceiling Height
Maximum Stack Height
Common Feeder Options
Option A
Reverse Stack, places door stack on the operator side of a Commander or F-Series machine.
Option AD
Architectural Door Version, extends machine capacity to doors up 2-1/4" × 4'10" and replaces the end grip door lift system with a vacuum cup system from Joulin
Option B
Reverse Feed Direction
Option H
Remote Switch for Manual Feed Through
Option L
Ability to Feed Doors With Raised Moulding
Option M1
Ballcatch Drills for 6'8" and 8'0" Doors
Option S
In-Feed End Loading
Common Stacker Options
Option A
Reverse Stack
Option B
Reverse Feed Direction