PS-300 Rendering

The PS-300 End Trim Scoring Saw Door Machine for doors and plywood utilizes a cutoff saw to score the lower face of a door, completing the cutoff during the door return. Carriage movement is performed by a chain system with a 1 HP gear motor drive. The saw motor is 7½ HP 3 phase. The PS-300’s heavy-duty construction assures accuracy and long life. After the material is sawed the blade retracts and carriage returns to start position with stop and clamps retracting to ready position for the next cut.

Key Features

Ready to Go

The base PS-300 model includes a saw blade, caster table, and door end stop indexing device


Kval machines can be customized to fit your company's needs and applications
General Specifications
Saw Dimensions
125"L × 45"W × 60"H
Roll Table Dimensions
125"L × 60"W × 45"H
Saw Weight
2,100 lbs.
Roll Table Weight
600 lbs.
Common Options
Option A
Adjustable Table for Doors with Proud Mouldings