RTS Rendering

The RTS is our patented companion station for the next generation of pre-hanging equipment; allowing up to four sets of screw colors or sizes to be changed with the press of a button.

This machine reduces changeover time, logistical error by hinge-color batching, and even the risk of operator injury inherent to older and competing designs.

How it works

The operator makes the desired screw selection on the easy-to-use touch screen and 1 of 4 hoppers automatically indexes into position, allowing the correct screw to feed to the 6-shooter hinge-applicator. With this revolutionary system screw changes range from 4-8 seconds dependent on the current screw-hopper location in relation to the desired screw-hopper.

Included is custom framework designed to fit in front of either a Kval Door-Loader (ON-3/Handler) or a Kval Door-Framing Machine. For upgrades other custom fittings and alterations may be necessary: get in touch with us with your specific needs for more details.

Key Features

Computer Controlled

The RTS machines are simple and safe to operate from the touchscreen computer interface, which can either be integrated into the screw-receiving machine or directly onto the RTS frame.

Quick Changeover

Drastically reduces screw changeover time, enabling your production workflow to operate at full speed while keeping your operators safe.


Kval machines can be customized to fit your company's needs and applications
Common Options
Option FX
Fits 3 sets of 3 hoppers which will feed into the 990-FX machine. With this option, the number of screw change selections is reduced to 3 but will feed screw simultaneously to all 3 hinge applicators found on the 990-FX.
Option UPG
The Beckhoff touchscreen will be mounted to the RTS frame and will require a 30x30' Electrical Cabinet to be present at the machine location.
Option Z1
Upgrades machine hoppers from traditional 6-shooter (3.5" hinge) hoppers to 8-shooter (4" hinge) hoppers.