SL-X Rendering

The SL-X vacuum lifter is a pick-and-place device designed to eliminate manual door lifting. It can lift flush, panel, or doors with proud mouldings protruding up to ¾” above the door face. Doors with door light cut-outs, or even those with lights installed, can be lifted so long as 4” of door stile is available for the vacuum grippers on both sides of the door.

The SL-X is quickly adjusted for different width doors with a single handle with the pads remaining centered in the width. The vacuum pads can be placed over hardware holes or extend over the stile/edge of the door and maintain vacuum, whereas a standard vacuum cup would lose vacuum.

Key Features

Air Operated

The SL-X is entirely air operated and doesn’t require any electricity


Kval machines can be customized to fit your company's needs and applications
Mounting Info
Typically suspended on a Spanco overhead bridge or monorail, though other options are viable. We are happy to assist with advice.
Lift Capacity
Door Width
16" (min) - 42" (max)
Door Length
60" (min) - 120" (max)
Vertical Travel Maximum