MLX Rendering

The MLX is a fully computer controlled door machine that routes the edge and face of a door for most types of multi-point lock systems, as well as standard cylinder locks, strike plates, and simple top and bottom flush bolts. The counter rotating spindles also make it possible to route through the door edge or an attached astragal without tear-out. Standard G code programming is used to create templates that can be selected directly from the touch screen.

Key Features

Remote Deployment

Cut patterns and machine diagnostics can be performed over the air via the on-board Kval software


Kval machines can be customized to fit your company's needs and applications
Door Specifications
1'0" to 3'6"
6'6" to 8'0"
1⅜" to 1¾" (2¼" optional)
Common Options
Option A
2¼" Door Capacity
Option B
Doors with Proud Mouldings