Endeavor Rendering

The Endeavor represents the next natural evolution of Kval’s advanced CNC door machinery: it is a fully automatic computer controlled machine capable of simultaneously routing both the lock and hinge stile. Corner squaring chisels are standard for hinge pockets and lock face plates. Pilot hole drilling is also standard for hinges and is available as an option for lock face plates.

Machine orientation allows the Endeavor to work directly in line with the Kval Face: the lock side is fixed while the hinge side adjusts to match door width.

Door specifications are automatically transferred to the machine’s computer just as a door enters from a Kval Face so no operator intervention is required. All functions are automated, including adjustment for door thickness, width, length, positioning, bevel angle, clamping, and door top location detection on both lock stile and hinge stile. The machine cycle includes all machining operations followed by unclamp and out-feed.

The Endeavor is extremely versatile, capable of routing and drilling virtually any common lock and hinge hardware, including specials like soss, paulmelle, and center pivot hinges, and even new lock designs with deep electrical connection pockets. Of course it will also process card locks, viewers, multi-points and pockets for flush bolts along the hinge edge – all with corners precisely squared using computer controlled chisels.

Key Features

Single Console

The Endeavor is controlled with a single Beckhoff industrial computer for seamless operation of both detailing stations. Doors in each station can be unique. Barcode or RFID processing is highly recommended

Heavy-Duty Construction

The base of the Endeavor is fabricated from ½” × 10 × 8 tubular steel. Precision oversize bearings and heavy duty routers allow fast cutting speeds without flex or vibration

Advanced Computing

For machine logic, motion, door measurement, and the user interface Kval partnered with the Beckhoff group in Germany: the software is all new and was developed by Kval’s innovative programming team

Feed and Clamping System

Brecoflex geared belt feed driven with Beckhoff servo motors and controllers. For precision machining, each door is digitally measured with six probes to confirm exact size and position

Door Clean-off

Base model includes anti-static bar clean-off system under a sheet metal shroud: both the top and bottom of the door are cleaned as the door leaves the machine


Kval machines can be customized to fit your company's needs and applications
Machining Specifications
Door Width
12" (min) 48" (max)
Door Length
60" (min) 120" (max)
Door Thickness
1¼" (min) 2¼" (max)
4 (max)
Hinge Centers
Hinge Bevel
From 0 to 3-degrees
Hinge Pocket Backset
Available Options
Option A
Point to Point Pre-Drill for Lock Machining Carriage