Face SS Rendering

The Face SS is a computer-controlled router door machine and drill for cylinder or mortise lock function holes, viewers or routed pockets in a door’s face to fit hardware such as exit devices or card locks. A typical cycle rate for 161 lock face holes, Ving card lock or a set of mortise lock function holes is under 60 seconds, with viewer holes adding an additional 20 seconds.

The machine features four high frequency router motors and four 25,000 RPM drill motors mounted above and below the door in matched pairs, with the same diameter router bit or drill bit in each pair. Holes or slots can be processed simultaneously from top and bottom with the cutting tools almost touching in the middle of the door. This is fast and eliminates tear-out or chipping of the door face. For detailing that requires cutting through only half the door the machine automatically restricts travel of either the top or bottom head.

Our proprietary software makes it simple for operators to quickly and efficiently create and run new lock templates. Thousands of templates can be stored for immediate retrieval, making machine setup nearly instant. Template naming and retrieval methods can be customized, including selection from a bar code affixed to the door itself or an RFID chip.

Key Features

Remote Deployment

Cut patterns and machine diagnostics can be transferred over the air via the on-board Kval software

Advanced Installation

During the initial setup phase a Kval Technician will spend 3 days in your plant to ensure maximum machine performance and to provide any additional training required

Advanced Operator Training

Operators of this machine will need to be trained at the Kval plant prior to delivery: the three day course covers programming, operating, and general maintenance


Kval machines can be customized to fit your company's needs and applications
General Specifications
119½" × 106¾"
6,000 lbs.
Door Specifications
10.75" (273mm) to 48" (1220mm)
66" (1676mm) to 120" (3048mm)
1.312" (34mm) to 2.250" (57mm)
200lbs (90.7kg)
Common Options
Option A
575 to 230 Volt Step Down Transformer
Option A1
460 to 230 Volt Step Down Transformer
Option BC
Bar Code Scanning
Option C
Endeavor Integration Package
Option EF
Adds face plate and latch bore capability for 161 style lock preps
Option F
Automatic In-Feed and Door Positioning