Matt Risinger’s recent live event “Build Show LIVE” sponsored by BMC, covers everything you wanted to know about doors (but were afraid to ask). In this episode, Matt goes on-site to BMC Dallas Millwork to showcase the fundamentals and specifics on how doors are made.

To demonstrate the manufacturing process from slab to delivery, Darryn Edrstrand, Market Sales Manager of BMC, gives a step by step playbook using Kval CNC Machinery as the centerpiece. “We go through 35,000 slabs a month in this location, and in order to do that, we need machinery like this,” as he points to the Kval prehung interior door machinery line behind him. “It produces 1,000 doors a day, 2,000 side jambs, and 4,000 pieces of casing.”

Watch the whole process by clicking the YouTube link below.

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As shown, Kval’s ON-3 door machine automatically lifts individual doors from the stack and places them on DW-R powered auto-rotate roll table. Its powered feed automatically sends the door to the next machine in line when it’s ready to receive.

Next in line is the 990-FX, which routes a door and jamb for three hinges, drills pilot holes for hinge screws, mortise for the lock and applies three hinges all in under 20 seconds! The final step involves the frame assembler, the 700-C, which attaches the jambs to the header. The door is then raised and rolled out to prepare for the next door in line.