558 Rendering

The 558 Door Sizer Machine cuts doors to correct width and bevel specifications. Featuring a 5” cutter head with replaceable carbide inserts. The head is spindle driven by a 5 HP motor and adjusts from 0 to 3-degree bevel. Separate high frequency spindles and drives are used for corner easers. A 2HP motor drives the 36” belt sander.

Width adjust is automatic in 2” increments for doors between 12”-48”, controlled by an AC servo motor and precision ball screw that automatically compensates when 0 or 3-degree doors are processed. Bevel selections and custom door widths are set on the easy to use on-board touchscreen.

An adjustable AC controller also makes the feed system adjustable for different door materials. The machine will accommodate both interior and exterior doors up to 4’ wide with raised moulding on one or both door faces. The feed system automatically compensates for door thickness with three pairs of drive wheels above and below the door.

Key Features

Automatic Width Adjust

Precisely adjusts to accommodate doors up to 48” wide

Touchscreen Interface

Cut specifications are set on an easy to use touchscreen

All-new Cutter Head

The cutter head has been re-designed to utilize high-precision bearings for tighter tolerance in cuts and sanding

Interior/Exterior Compatibility

Accommodates both interior and exterior doors up to 4’ wide


Kval machines can be customized to fit your company's needs and applications
General Specifications
Footprint Size
8' × 10'
2,000 lbs.
Available Options
Option R
Raised Moulding Infeed
Option T
60mm Cutter Head
Safety Cage & Gate