Commander-3 Rendering

The Commander 3 Door Machine is one of our oldest and most popular platforms for door machining, and the latest generation features a ground-up redesign that incorporates CNC movements on six axes and a Beckhoff touchscreen to automate setup for up to 12 different door specifications. Custom specifications can also be entered for special doors.

The Commander 3 now includes our new KvalCAM software as a standard feature.

The Commander 3 has dual spindle routers with counter rotation for clean entry and exit at hinge corners, eliminating traditional chip-outs. It has a programmable point to point drill for screw pilot holes, and corner square chisels for door and jamb. Full X Y and Z axis programming is combined with precision ball screws and servo motors.

Key Features

Automated Precision

Many of the core functions of the Commander 3 are fully automated, including positioning for lock locations and tilt between 0 and 3-degrees

Computer Controlled

The Commander 3’s backbone is a Beckhoff control system with fully integrated components, including servo motor and drives, powered by our KvalCAM® platform

Fast Changeover

Quickly change hinge specs for faster processing

Easy to Use

With an intuitive touchscreen interface, advanced on-board diagnostics, and quick door specification entry the Commander 3 is exceptionally easy to use, requiring minimal operator training


Kval machines can be customized to fit your company's needs and applications
General Specifications
Footprint Size
14.5' × 9'
Crated Dimensions
165"L × 82"W × 67"H
Weight 5,000 lbs.
5,000 lbs.
Door Specifications
18” (min)   48” (max)
6’6” (min)   9’0” (max)
1516” to 1¾” (2¼” with Option AR)
4” clear zone from door edge required, mouldings can be 3/4” proud of door face
Jamb Specifications
8¼” without adjustment, unlimited with adjustment
Flat, split, rabeted up to 1⅞” thick overall including stop
Hinge & Lock Specifications
Hinge Sizes
3” × 3” up to 4½” × 5” either 0 or 3-degree
Lock Backset
2⅜” or 2¾” backset is programmable, 5” backset with manual adjustments
Lock Face Plate
1 × 2- 1/4” up to 1-1/4” × 12” with manual adjustments, either 0 or 3-degree
Common Options
Option AR
Adds a barcode scanner and processing for architectural doors
Option FC
CNC Lock Face Plate with Chisels
Option ND1
Narrow Door Hinge Only Prep
Option W
Adds the ability to drill holes for lever locks with geared drill boxes